I’ve always thought it was stupid to use the phrase “I felt like I was ten feet tall” to mean that you felt really respected and admired. Just being a seven foot tall person is supposed to be frustrating and ostracizing enough, both with day-to-day social interactions and with buying clothing and fitting into buildings and vehicles.

I hope this comic makes sense.  It was hard to actually draw what was in my head for this one. I had some cool-looking coloring, but decided to abandon it. I can’t let myself become too much of a perfectionist with these comics or else I’ll never update. I need to just publish each one after I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time on it, so that I can start working on the next one.

Kate Beaton said in a blog post or interview somewhere that your first webcomic strips will be bad, but that you need to keep just making them. Anyway, I hope this one was still funny. I like how sad and somber I made it for such a minor gag.